Passion Village

Passion Village will fill something of a niche, being both high quality homes but at more affordable rates than many of their deluxe counterparts.

Located just 250 meters from the incandescent waters of the Caribbean Sea, Passion Village will fill something of a niche, being both high quality homes but at more affordable rates than many of their deluxe counterparts.Phase one will comprise 10 villas with a takeaway restaurant and communal pool, while the second phase will consist of a further 16 to 18 villas. Both will be low density, gated with 24-hour security, and have back-up electricity generators.

Valley Church was chosen for the project as its renowned beach has long been a favorite haunt for the couple.“There are restaurants nearby, it’s one of the few beaches with trees for shade, and you have that very clear turquoise water,” Susanna says.

Intriguingly, buyers will be able to choose from two different interior layouts – Italian-style or American. The difference, Susanna explains, is due to a cultural difference.

“For Italians, the most important part of a house is the dining and kitchen area,” she smiles. “So that’s what they like to see first when they enter. For Americans they like the bedrooms to be at the front of the house and the main living space towards the back.”

Sale prices for both are largely the same. The chic contemporary interiors will be fully kitted out with furniture, appliances and tiles imported especially from style-conscious Italy.

Homes can be bought completed or off-plan. In the latter case, modifications can be made according to individual preference or to make the property disability-friendly. Optional extras include a plunge pool and sundeck.“
A lot of people want a private pool; others such as Italians use the swimming pool area to socialize, especially if they have children,” Susanna says.

The takeaway restaurant will be open to the wider community, with a daily changing menu featuring Italian and international fare.

Passion Village offers another major incentive to investors in that it falls within the government’s Citizenship by Investment Program. Buyers will have the option to apply for an Antiguan passport – without sacrificing their current citizenship – enabling them to spend as much time as they want each year in their new home. They will also be exempt from a number of local taxes, including personal income, net worth, gift tax and estate duty.The couple, who moved to the island full-time in June 2013, plan to personalize each property with an inspirational mantra inscribed on an interior wall.

“It might say something like ‘carpe diem’ – ‘catch the moment’,” Amos says.It seems a suiting accolade for a pair whose drive, energy and enthusiasm to pursue their vision is on the cusp of becoming an auspicious reality.

Old-fashioned Antiguan hospitality proved pivotal when Italians Amos Pradelli and Susanna Miglioli were looking for a second home – and a prime spot for a multi-million dollar development.