Kindness of Strangers

Antiguan hospitality proved pivotal when Italians Amos Pradelli and Susanna Miglioli were looking for a second home – and a prime spot for a multi-million dollar development.

The Kindness of Strangers

If there’s one thing worse than finding oneself in a bit of a pickle, it’s perhaps when it occurs in a foreign land thousands of miles from home.
So when Amos Pradelli and Susanna Miglioli’s beach jaunt – by car – culminated with four wheels stuck firmly in the soft sand, they may have been forgiven for panicking.

In fact, what happened next was one of many spontaneous acts of altruism at the hands of kindly locals which would ignite the couple’s enduring affinity for the island and cement their dream of making it their home.

“I didn’t even have time to consider asking for help,” Amos recalls. “Within seconds a car pulled up and someone got out to help us push.”
Another such occasion was during a seemingly elusive Christmas Eve search for an open pharmacy.

St John’s was almost at a standstill with last minute shoppers when a Good Samaritan pulled up kerbside to ask if they were lost before insisting on driving them to the nearest facility.The couple – from northern Italy – wouldn’t be the first to be bewitched by the dual islands’ tropical beauty or its big-hearted citizens. Those are just two of the reasons why, when planning to build a residential development, Antigua was the obvious choice.

They are currently ploughing  a major investment into the first phase of their Passion Village scheme soon to start construction in the heart of breathtakingly beautiful Valley Church.Two decades have now passed since developer Susanna’s first cherished trip to the country.

She introduced Amos, a lawyer by profession, to the islands 18 years ago when they met.“I fell in love with it immediately,” he says. “It’s so wild, completely different from other Caribbean islands.

Located just 250 meters from the incandescent waters of the Caribbean Sea, Passion Village will fill something of a niche, being both high quality homes but at more affordable rates than many of their deluxe counterparts.Phase one will comprise different units with a pool bar and restaurant and communal pool.

The sea is wonderful; you have the Atlantic Ocean side with the rocks and the Caribbean Sea side with the white sands – they are both different and both beautiful.“
We have a lot of friends here now, and because there’s little crime we always feel safe.” With an eight-year-old son the latter was vital.

For Susanna it’s the culmination of a 20-year dream to build her own on-island home. And, unlike many developers, the pair will be occupying one of the properties themselves in order to supervise the construction process and the high quality and ensure the area is scrupulously maintained now and in the future.

“We chose the name Passion Village because of our passion for the island and our passion for our work – That same passion translates into our homes.
Susanna Miglioli

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