Why Antigua

Position and Climate

Antigua  (108 square miles of area) is located in the middle of Leeward Island, the northernmost group of Little Antille., and  is not far from: Portorico (450 Km), Venezuela (920 km), Santo Domingo (878 Km),Miami (2130 Km), New York (2800 Km), City of Mexico (4000 Km), London (6500 Km). 

The Climate is really nice and has a light breeze blowing most of the time and, though there isn’t a dry season opposed to a wet, September-October-November have more rain, while February-March-April have less rain. The temperature remains constant throughout the year and the range varies from 26-32 degrees Celsius in August and September (warmer) to 22-27 degrees Celsius in December and January (colder). According to the statistics, Antigua is usually spared from hurricanes that damage the Caribbean Islands and USA every year. From 2000 to the end of 2013, hurricanes that have occurred have not touched Antigua. On 2014 hurricane Gonzalo did not damages.


Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth state in the Eastern Caribbean, member of the United Nations (ONU), of British Commonwealth, of Caribbean Community (Caricom) and of the Organization of American States (OAS), among many other international organizations.   Antigua and Barbuda is a constitutional monarchy with a British-style parliamentary system of government, but we can say that Antigua is an multi-cultural democracy.


Strengths of Antigua are:                            
* Security: crime is below the average Caribbean and there are no dangerous animals.
* Health: Antigua does not need vaccinations and there is no tropical disease (malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever ...).     
In any case, the international hospital and the many private clinics ensure a constant assistance in case of need . 


* Sports: Cricket and sailing are the most practiced sports and the “Sailing Week” is one of the biggest events of the Caribbean. 

* The frequency of the daily flights by several airlines (British Airways, American     Airlines, Virgin, Air France/KLM, LIAT, Caribbean Airline ).


 * The tourism: the marvellous resorts and the dream villas make Antigua an exclusive destination.                







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